What is FairHer

#FairHer is a celebration of the inspiring women of Fair Trade. This includes YOU! FairHer is the story of farmers and workers behind our Fair Trade products, the women who work at the places that sell Fair Trade products, and the women who vote with their Fair Trade purchases for a better world. Together we are FairHer.

Here are just a few of the many strong women behind FairHer. You can also join FairHer women! Just use the #FairHer hashtag on your favorite social channel and share your message of support.

FairHer Women's Health
FairHer Women's Education
FairHer Harassment
FairHer Female Leaders
FairHer Equal Pay

Support #FairHer

Step 1

Look for the Label

Fair Trade is a market-based approach to fighting poverty. That means that it only works when you actually buy the stuff. So please hold up your end of the bargain and look for the Fair Trade Certified label every time you shop.

Fair Trade Certified label
Step 2

Get Involved

As they say: Think globally, act locally. Fair Trade Campaigns is a powerful grassroots movement focused on growing awareness, availability, and commitment to Fair Trade to improve impoverished communities around the world.

Step 3

Spread the Word

YOU have the power to change the world. It all starts with the simple act of sharing. Speak up. Be bold. Tell your family and friends why you support the women of Fair Trade. #FairHer

Fair Trade Infographic
Fair Trade Infographic
Fair Trade Infographic

Why Do You Support #FairHer?

In addition to women’s empowerment, Fair Trade addresses environmental concerns and poverty alleviation. There are so many reasons to support Fair Trade!

What's Fair Trade all about?

We welcome you to show your appreciation and support for #FairHer women! Share your story on social media with the hashtag #FairHer or by completing the form below.

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Thanks for supporting women of Fair Trade!

Join the Movement

Join and follow the #FairHer movement! Just use the hashtag #FairHer on your favorite social channel and your post will join the voice of all FairHer women.

Fair Trade Certified™ Products


Fair Trade expands from the kitchen to the closet with the introduction of Fair Trade Certified apparel. Now you can walk into a store and choose an ethical tee over one made in a sweatshop.

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Body Care

Body care brands are tapping into the opportunity to feature Fair Trade Certified ingredients.

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You can enjoy chocolate that makes you feel as good as it tastes. Fair Trade certification ensures that cocoa farmers have more direct access to the market so they’re able to receive a fair price for their harvest.

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Your rich cup of Fair Trade coffee can help farmers escape poverty and improve their communities.

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Each year the U.S. imports billions of flowers - but farmers and workers don’t always benefit. With Fair Trade, flower workers receive special training, work in safer conditions, and earn additional money to take care of their families and communities.

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Fruits & Vegetables

Fair Trade Certified fruits and vegetables bring together the best of both worlds. They create healthy farming ecosystems, and deliver the healthiest, most flavorful produce to you.

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Herbs & Spices

Add a dash of goodness to everything you make with Fair Trade herbs & spices and support thousands of small-scale farmers.

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Home Goods

Fair Trade your home with newly certified towels, rugs, blankets, bed sheets and more. You can rest assured that factory workers and cotton farmers work in safe conditions, earn better wages, and are empowered to make changes at the workplace and in their communities.

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Quinoa & Rice

These hearty, Fair Trade Certified grains are not only good for you, but good for farmers and good for the environment. Learn more about these ancient food staples, and how you can ensure they’re grown sustainably for generations to come.

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Sugar & Honey

When you sweeten your cup of coffee with Fair Trade Certified sugar or honey, you sweeten the lives of struggling farmers. Through Fair Trade, they’re able to earn community development funds and invest in needed projects like schools and wells.

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Each cup of delicious Fair Trade tea reflects centuries of expertise harvested to grow premium teas. Fair Trade helps tea farmers and workers earn community development funds and vote democratically on how to invest them.

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Wine & Spirits

Cheers to Fair Trade wine and spirits. These high quality products support farmers’ livelihoods in developing countries.

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